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Rotational Grass Grazing Workshop

May 31, 2013
Keeping large animals on healthy pasture requires good pasture management. It requires lush healthy pasture, and more work than turning cows out to a field with a “have at it” attitude. I have an uncle with a dairy farm who uses rotational grazing for his herd. I remember he and my dad would talk for hours comparing farming methods. My uncle had rotational grazing down to a science.  He used lines of electric and moved the cows down the pasture a little bit everyday. In hot weather they moved them several times a day.
rotational grazing
Keeping them on fresh pasture keeps the pasture from being overgrazed which in turn keeps the pasture and the cows healthier. There was also a workshop at a Small Farms Conference a few years back about getting cows to eat the weeds in the pasture. The idea was the weeds are not bad for the cows. They just don’t prefer them. When they are out in a large pasture lot, they will choose to eat other things,  and leave the weeds. When they are in a more confined pasture which is (you guessed it) rotated, they will eat the weeds. This is also better for your pasture because the weeds don’t take over!
Tonight The Wild Ramp is offering an Intensive Rotational Grazing Workshop. This is a free workshop open to all. Learn about intensive rotational grazing to maximize your pastures and still leave them in better condition than just open grazing. Presented by Natural Resources Conservation Service who manage EQIP programs etc that help farmers maintain sustainable farms.
Rotational Grazing Workshop!!
 Presenter Troyce Barnett’s – Grazing/Grassland Conservatism Specialist, NRCS
“Conservationist at Heart, an Agriculturalist by Choice”
Free of charge
This Friday, 6pm
Old Central City, 555 14th St West, Huntington.

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