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The Side Effects

May 17, 2013

A couple of months ago my daughter Lisa (27 years old and married 3 years now) posted an enigmatic “Guess What?” on Facebook.  Since Graham, Sam and I were all in the room when I saw that we immediately began to fire one word answers. “Pregnant?”  was the first one and it deteriorated from there because we got no response for hours and hours.

Finally she posted a photo, as if that was all the answer that was needed.Jeffrey Smith March 2013

Okay, who was this man and why was my daughter looking for happy to be next to him?   That was how I “met” Jeffrey Smith. Actually I had become aware of him before but since then I have been paying more attention to him.

Jeffrey Smith is a major activist trying to make people aware about GMOs, genetically modified organisms, in our food. It was stumbling across one of his posts that made me aware, in the first place, that our food had been modified in strange ways since the mid 1990s. Now, after 20 years of Americans being lab rats, he is showing again and again the link between GMOs and their effects on us.  For example, the use of increased herbicides (Round-Up in particular) and a whole slew of illnesses.

Yesterday I watched a video of an interview with Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a research scientist at MIT. You can watch it here. (

Among many other side effects that can cause debilitating illness, I learned that one of the damages is that it removes the effectiveness of how our body accepts seretonin. That is an enzyme that is has a calming effect on us.  Dr. Seneff believes that the anger we see so persuasive in society now is because of this disruption.

The anger people use when you ask them to explain the reasons they like this candidate or that.  The anger we see demonstrated each time there is a horrific killing or bombing in this nation. So much anger. Has anyone besides me noticed that there seems to be so much more anger and lack of self control than even five years ago?

And perhaps  it is all because people eat food, unknowingly, that has a GMO that helps the farmer grow corn or soy or whatever while spraying the entire field to kill weeds. It saves the farmer time. It supposedly, according to Monsanto who makes both the Round-Up as well as the seeds for the vegetables, and also according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),  no effect on us. But their tests are limited to only a few months.

We lab rats have been eating this stuff for 20 years and now have higher levels of diabetes, autism, obesity and more.

At the minimum we need food labeling so those of us who chose to avoid this stuff, can know! At best, like some of the countries around the world, we can get it out of our food chain.gmolabelingworldmap1

Go to Jeffrey Smith’s website Institute for Responsible Technology ( to learn more. But get some camomille tea or some other calmer to help you through it.  You will get very angry.

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  1. May 19, 2013 4:13 am

    This definitely needs more attention. I still can’t believe Oregon voted down an initiative to label all GMO foods.

    • May 19, 2013 1:35 pm

      I think there is a lot of information that gets marketed during an effort to get labeling that confuses the mass public who do not take the time to be informed by more than 10-15 second soundbites. If people are wrongly informed that labeling will increase food costs they tend to be short-sighted, even tho the claim is false, and do not even consider the higher costs of personal health issues.

  2. May 19, 2013 2:12 pm

    Exactly. The problem also goes beyond humans being used as lab rats. Given cross pollination, I doubt that there is much of our corn (or other crops) supply left that isn’t GMO or soon will be.

    Hmmmm… I never thought about it before this post, but folks who work at keeping the nasty industrial/processed food out of their diet do seem to be more mellow in general.

    • May 20, 2013 11:16 am

      I just read about a professor at OSU who was forced to resign because she was doing research on the effects of GMOs and Monsanto donates a lot to the ag school there. If they believe their product is so safe, why are they trying to stifle research?

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