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Home composting

May 13, 2013
When I visited Sammy in January and reported on the broccoli he grows in his small suburban backyard, he told me about a composting method that needs little space……this is the last of the series on composting that we have offered to help you enhance your own home gardens with organic nutrients.
 by Sammy Mendez Torres
The image of a huge compost pile daunts many home gardeners. The expense of a tub that turns also makes it infeasible for many. However, if you could make compost in without much effort and have it ready for the garden in two weeks, would you consider it?DSC_0009

Meat and dairy….no problem. Compost ALL of your food scraps with bokashi.  No room for a compost pile? No problem. Bokashi compost kits will fit under the sink.DSC_0007

No nasty smells, no bugs, minimal greenhouse gases, just ORGANIC biologically active, slow release compost easily and quickly.  All you have to do is add the scraps, add the bran, and walk away. The microorganisms will do all of the work.

Don’t throw it away, give it 14 days.

What is Bokashi Composting?

Bokashi composting is a safe, convenient, and quick way to compost food waste in your kitchen, garage, or apartment. Bokashi means fermented organic matter in Japanese. Bokashi composting uses a selected group of microorganisms to anaerobically ferment organic waste. The microorganisms are applied using a impregnation carrier such as wheat bran. The fermentation process breaks the organic matter down in a process that is odor free. Since the process is done in a closed system you don’t have to worry about insects and smells making it ideal for urban or business settings. Unlike more conventional composting systems bokashi systems can break down heavier items like meat, fish and cheese. The process is very fast and usually takes less than two weeks. The finished product will have a sweet, pickled odor and you will often see white mold mycelium coating the surface. Once the fermentation has completed you can add the scraps to a worm bin or bury them directly in the soil. They will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to fully integrate into the soil depending upon your local soil biological activity and local climate. If you don’t have an area to trench, no problem, you can covert bokashi pre-compost into a usable potting soil .DSC_0008

Why Bokashi?
•It is versatile. You can compost all of your kitchen wastes including dairy, meat, and baked goods. Why throw any of that away?
•No strong putrid odors.
•No insects or rodents.
•No nutrients are lost. Everything is contained within the system.
•Minimal greenhouse gases are produced.
•The bokashi process is compact. No need for a yard or large compost piles.
•No turning necessary.

•No need to worry about green to brown ratios.
•The scraps are inoculated with beneficial microorganisms.

•Worms great in conjunction with vermiculture.
•It is easy. Even a child could do it.

•Great for school projects

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