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Wild Ramp: Meet the Board of Directors

April 22, 2013

Stephanie appletonStephanie Appleton is a farmer at Mil-Ton Farms, a homeschooling mom, and the board secretary for The Wild Ramp.  Her duties include overseeing social media for The Wild Ramp, including PinterestTwitterFacebook, the web page, and this blog. She enjoys baking, gardening, writing, and the great outdoors. She lives with her family in Ona, WV. Most of Stephanie’s Wild Ramp duties are behind the scenes, attending board meetings,  keeping the minutes,  and overseeing social media. She is the one to contact if you want to submit items for this blog or write for it regularly.

CaraBaileyCara Bailey is a Barboursville native that was raised in a family of local business owners. From childhood, she has been passionate about supporting local businesses and encouraging their growth. Professionally a journalist, Cara spends most of her time with her 3-year-old son exploring the streets and playgrounds of Huntington. A desire for economic growth, a love for the Tri-State area, and a need to teach her family about fresh foods and local farms led Cara to The Wild Ramp.  She currently serves as the volunteer coordinator and is one of the store managers.

3Jennine Barilla moved from Minnesota to West Virginia in 2008 when she retired.  She enjoys crafts as well as cooking.  She has learned a lot about eating local and supporting your local farmer from being active with The Wild Ramp as well as meeting a lot of wonderful people.  Jennine developed the pattern for the shopping totes, helps at the market and also works behind the scene with financial record keeping and other computer applications.

FrancesFrances Hensley grew up in the coalfields of southern West Virginia and came to Huntington to get her BA and MA. Then went to Ohio State for her PhD and returned to Marshall  to teach history, including women’s history, and then served as Senior Associate VP for Academic Affairs/Dean of Undergraduate Studies. She’s been married 42 years to Steve and has one  daughter  and three precious grandchildren, ages 2-7, who live in Lexington. Long involved with Create Huntington so she  has been very interested in the development of a lively downtown. She thought The Wild Ramp was a terrific addition to the downtown and decided to help out by volunteering there. She has enjoyed the atmosphere and the great people at the Ramp and have become more interested in locally grown food and those who produce it.


Lauren Kemp is a recent graduate of Marshall University with a Bachelors in Sociology. She became interested in agriculture from the standpoint of sustainability, recognizing that some of the biggest environmental inputs are those for agricultural use. Lauren is a board member of The Wild Ramp and coordinates outreach through media and events.

KatharineKatharine Lea was born in North Carolina and lived in Boston, Virginia, and Tennessee before moving to Huntington in August 2011 due to her husband’s new job at Marshall University.  She is a registered architect and a full-time stay-at-home mom who attended a Local Foods focus group meeting in February 2012 and found herself on the board of The Wild Ramp!  Katharine designed the initial renovations to the space and is responsible for the ongoing design of the market, including the story wall and cashier’s stand.

stacy McChesneyStacy McChesney, owner and operator of Gimme 5 café located inside the HIMG Medical Mall, is active in Create Huntington and organized the Thursday Chat N Chew sessions with her husband Thomas. She learned a lot about gardening and putting up the harvest when her dad retired from the military to Gallipolis near her grandparents’ farm. She received her degree in Mass Communication/Public Relations in 1993 from the University of Rio Grande. Work experience has included community relations/promotions/business development and marketing for a hospital, a rural health care network, in television, in state government and for an international food production company.  She moved to Huntington in 1994 and is a confirmed “foodie” who loves to cook, entertain and eat. Her consulting work with “The Jamie Oliver Project: Food Revolution” had a strong influence in what she does today.

Gail patton

Gail Patton is the Executive Director of Unlimited Future, Inc., a small business incubator in Huntington. She comes from and entrepreneurial family and is passionate about small business. Gail grew up on a farm and loves to eat farm fresh food. Her goal is to make farm fresh food as available to the community as Wendy’s or McDonald’s fast food. Gail and her husband Paul own Top Hat Ballroom where they teach social ballroom dance. They have two grandsons who provide much joy in their lives. Gail is the Chairman of the Board for the Wild Ramp.

Dominque WongDominique Wong is a farmer and co-owner of Yellow Goat Farm in Proctorville, Ohio.   She has been involved with the Wild Ramp from its inception.   Her own experience with micro-dairying brought to light many of the problems faced by small scale farms. Her particular interests lie in solving some of these problems as well as connecting farmers and consumers.  Along with working on the board, she volunteers at the Ramp, (especially when it’s off season for milking) and is on the Producers’ Committee.

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  1. April 22, 2013 1:43 pm

    I’m so happy to see who you all are ~ It’s very impressive work you’ve done together! Quite a team ~ Well done ladies!

    • April 23, 2013 11:34 am

      It is apparent to me that we need a man or two on this board, not because we women “need” a man but because men eat food too. Just like we also need representation of the other segments of our population here in Huntington, not just white women. The more we can diversify the board, the better we can address the eating habits of all people in the area.

  2. April 23, 2013 4:50 am

    I too am happy to see the faces behind all that hard work! I’m sure the diversity in your age and backgrounds brings a real richness to your teamwork.

    • April 23, 2013 11:35 am

      Each person on the board brings special talents which enriches the entire program of the market. And better than that, we all get along!

  3. May 10, 2013 1:13 pm

    Thanks for stopping by another West Virigina Bolgg. I cant wait to get to know all of you too.. love the name of your blogg. I Hope to be posting more wild life, wild food, and wild fun that our family shares in North Centeral West Virginia soon Jolynn

    • May 10, 2013 1:15 pm

      If you’re ever in Huntington come stop in!!

      • May 10, 2013 1:34 pm

        I work and travel through Huntington a couple of times a year and will make a point to stop in… Thank you for the invitation.

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