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What My Mother Didn’t Know

March 27, 2013

vitminfood pyramidAt one point in my distant past (my 20s) I met a guy who introduced me to the world of nutritional supplements. While I didn’t get heavily involved, I started taking daily vitamin and mineral supplements which caught my mother’s attention when she visited me.

I listened to a long lecture instructing me (again and again) that if I only ate a balanced and nutritional diet, I would not need any supplements.  Mom was a nurse and a decent cook. I learned not only how to plan meals but how to cook them and was preparing supper for my family by the time I was in the 8th grade.

Once on my own I enjoyed the allure of the frozen prepared dishes from time to time, but still, most of my meals were made from scratch. And yet I knew, without a doubt, that I was not eating a well balanced diet and so, despite mom’s admonition, I stuck with my supplements.

I think back to those days and compare the food we have available to us now in the grocery store. In many ways, the selection is amazing. You can find frozen meals, for example, from many different ethnic cuisines and others that are produced from recipes made popular by nationwide restaurant chains. There are others that are labelled “healthy” and “part of a balanced diet.” How easy it is to pick one of those up and pop it into the microwave and then settle down on the couch for an evening of television.

But with all the sodium and chemicals, is that is the best interest for your health?  It is really hard to get out of the “do it now” lifestyle. Instead of three minutes in a microwave, fixing a meal from scratch can take 15-60 minutes. Certainly on weeknights, the shorter timetable is desirable…and achievable!

So what does cooking from scratch provide? Mainly, control over what you put into your body. Take one of those boxes in your freezer and check the ingredients….if there are any words you can’t pronounce it is not because your education is bad.  It is because it is a chemical, not a food.  Don’t eat chemicals; your body needs real good food,  not artificial this or that or preservatives to keep things “fresh” for months.Natural Vitamins

And yet, as you learn more about the food supply in this county you will hear things that would concern you. Mom, for one, would have been concerned about GMOs and that also worries me, so I have opted to help the labeling fight. I believe information is good.

But one thing I am most grateful for is The Wild Ramp Market. Because the food sold there comes from within 150 miles of Huntington  for the most part, we can visit and get to know the farmers and other producers. We can learn how they raise the food and what their practices are. We can eat healthy.logo

So, Mom would be appalled at the way the grocery store touts stuff as food and would be a staunch supporter of The Wild Ramp Market. This I know. While Mom has moved on to a place where she need not worry about how healthy her diet is, we are here and we do need to eat for health…..go shop at The Wild Ramp.  See if your diet takes you to age 82, like Mom’s did for her.know your farmer

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