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Learning New Things

March 19, 2013

by Beth Rankin

I started blogging about farms and local foods a little over a year ago and knew nothing, I am not a farmer and have no notion of becoming one.  So I had no idea what was involved to bring the food to the store; I just knew how to bring it home and prepare it in yummy

One of the fun things about blogging are the visits to the farms and other Producers. They all provide directions to keep me from going astray, but I also check it out on line using a mapping site like google maps. My car also has a GPS but many of the farms indicate the GPS will not get you there. (Sometimes, the GPS system uses a road name or highway number that is different from what the property owner uses. Sometimes, the software mapping is not up to date.  Most times the property owner can provide the actual GPS coordinates to use instead of the street address and that may work better.)queen annes lacea

Driving back country roads has been a joyful byproduct of writing for the Wild Ramp blog. Getting off the Interstate highway has enabled me to see how truly beautiful this region is. And as long as I’m driving I don’t get carsick on the curvy roads. *S*DSC_0002

When I visit a farm I do not hide that I know nothing, or maybe now next to nothing. I suppose I could go better prepared, doing a bit of research ahead of time. But I just start with my questions. questionsAnd I find something that is true for almost all of our Producers: they love to share what they are doing.  They work hard to make their product and they really enjoy hearing that we appreciate them for their effort!

And I do. I am a foodie. The reason I got involved with The Wild Ramp Market is because I appreciate having access to food that is local, picked when it is ripe, fresh, and healthy. I have enjoyed writing for the blog because I really get to know the farmers and the other people who sell products at The Wild Ramp. They are a good bunch of folks.milkingcDSC_0059DSC_0008DSC_0024DSCF4885John and KelliaboysDSC_0014DSC_0057PaulDSC_0003DSC_0018chicken poult huggerDSC_0024DSC_0016DSC_0035DSC_0014DSC_0038DSC_0010artiebDSC_0025DSC_0013DSC_0022DSC_0028DSC_0041Roy RameyDSC_0009DSC_0040goat

If you want to know about how someone raises their animals or grows their produce, you can search in the blog for them. You will need to go to the actual blog, not just read this on Facebook, though, so click on this link and you can explore where all your food is coming from.

As I begin to research the farm and market organizations in Oregon so I can figure where I can get involved when I move later this year, I realize how  far ahead we are in many ways here in Huntington. Yes, West Virginia is leading the pack on this one!  Be proud. But more than that, be involved!

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  1. March 19, 2013 7:54 pm

    I don’t know about all of West Virginia, but comparing Wild Ramp to my area of Oregon… you are miles ahead of us!

  2. March 19, 2013 8:06 pm

    I know there is some interest in some towns in Oregon to move markets inside but they are seeing it as the same system as the outdoor markets and just realizing they will capture better shopping during the winter rains.

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