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Back to the Basics

March 12, 2013

By: Emily J. Click

It’s funny how technology has changed over the years. When I was a senior in high school and getting ready to apply for college, the internet was just starting to become a reality. I typed many of my college applications using a typewriter. I don’t remember exactly when I got my first personal email address, but I know that I got a school issued email account my freshman year in college. It was definitely a novelty. It wasn’t something that I used all the time, nor was it even expected. Today, technology has become a very integrated part of our lives.

 As I sit here typing this week’s blog post, I am trying out a new keyboard.


Yes, our family finally bought an iPad and since I have been writing for The Wild Ramp, I felt it “necessary” to purchase a keyboard. I ended up with the keyboard after stopping at RadioShack to pick up an HDMI cable that my husband asked that they set aside for him. Anyway, there was a young Marshall University English major working at the counter. She showed me how to use the keyboard, and even helped me find some apps that would be useful for word-processing.

Technology is certainly a good thing. It allows me to sit here on my couch with my soft-coated wheaten terrier snuggled up to me and write my post. Sometimes, though, I want to tune out all the technology and just get back to the basics. My weekly trip to The Wild Ramp lets me do that. I actually get to take a minute to tune out all the modern marvels and just enjoy the simplicity or as volunteer, Suzanne House, put it, the authenticity of The Wild Ramp. So, this weekend, I’m not cooking anything new or spectacular, I’m just taking a moment to let it all soak in and to enjoy the absolutely beautiful, sunny weather.

I picked up a Mission Savvy Jamaican Black Eyed Peas Salad, along with Fish Hawk Acres Ramp Dressing. While I could have eaten the salad sans the dressing, the ramp dressing added that little something extra.

Mission Savvy Salad

Ramp dressing

I am also enjoying a pint of Jeni’s. I’m loving the Frozen Lemon Yogurt.

Jenis Lemon Yogurt

I invite you to do the same. Take a moment out of your day, visit The Wild Ramp, find something delicious to enjoy and turn off all your technology, except maybe your radio. Listen to some music that soothes your soul.

Emily is a wife, mother, and attorney, living on the banks of the Ohio.

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  1. March 12, 2013 4:00 pm

    Oh, I love Wheaten Terriers! and almost as much as getting back to basics when eating. 😉

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