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Planning Your Garden

March 7, 2013

At this time of year gardening is mostly about planning. Those farmers with protected beds in high tunnels, low hoop houses, greenhouses or even cold frames are still working with root crops and cool weather greens, but even their activity fluctuates because  low temperatures either drastically slow new growth. Their main gardening function also becomes the planning for the spring planting outdoors.DSC_0003

A few weeks ago I gave a list of many of the seed catalogs available. You can read that by going to

Some of us are not prepared to start our plants from seeds and rely on area greenhouses and other stores to purchase seedlings. To maximize success in your garden, it is wise to purchase seedlings from a local greenhouse that starts plants that grow well in this area instead of one of the big box stores. While typically less expensive, the big box stores obtain seedlings from a major garden supplier which most likely is not located in the same growing zone as West Virginia.DSC_0077

There are several commercial greenhouse operations in West Virginia that start growing seedlings early and have them ready for optimal planting in the Spring. Bob’s Market and Greenhouse in Mason offers discounted flat prices for bulk purchasing.


Gritts Greenhouse is another local business that grows bedding plants and supplies them to regional stores. They grow a lot of handing floral baskets as well. See the WVFarm2u post from last April to read more.


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