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Whatever the Groundhog said….Spring is Coming

February 15, 2013

DJ-groundhogThe show of shows that takes place on February 2 is meaningless. Spring will arrive and we will wait with impatience for the ground to warm sufficiently to be able to safely place our seeds or seedlings. THAT I know. It happens every year. Last year it was pretty warm in March and I talked to the Cabell County Agricultural Extension Agent who cautioned me to wait wait wait on tomatoes until May 1. However, other, more hardy crops can be sown before then.

The country is divided up into climate zones and it is advisable to plant varieties that grow best in our zone. If you do not start seeds indoors in February, the next best way to have plants for your garden is to purchase flats of seedlings.

DSC_0073Bob’s Market and Greenhouse is a large operation in Mason, West Virginia, north of Point Pleasant along the Ohio River. Located on twenty acres under glass, the greenhouse operation is huge. We watched tiny seeds being set automatically in small plastic boxes. They are then moved into a special room where the temperature is better controlled until the grow large enough to transplant. DSC_0068DSC_0067

They will be transplanted once more prior to being ready for sale. DSC_0077

Bob’s is a major supplier in the eastern United States and sometimes, sold to distributors,  their seedlings end up back at the nearby Walmart. Their flats can be identified by their barcode.  DSC_0075

They grow over 30 varieties of tomatoes, 12 of peppers, and a vast variety of other plants including cold weather crops like cabbage, herbs,  and vines like melons and cucumbers. You can also order flowers.

The Huntington in Bloom program plans on purchasing their flats from Bob’s in time for planting in May and if we want, we can place our orders with them and receive a significant per flat discount.  We would need someone who is good at keeping records to be in charge of this project.

If you plan on planting a garden, and if you typically buy flats, let Cara Bailey, Volunteer Coordinator,  know if you might be able to take on this project.

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