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Tasty Crumbs

February 11, 2013

By Sam Smith

From crackers to pasta, from pastries to granola, and trying to find alternative uses for tofu, Crumb’s Bakery is starting to make some noise for its originality.

Located in Athens, Ohio Crumb’s has been operating now for 27 years, serving the Athens community with its unique assortment of products that make it stand out among other bakeries. Since 1986, Crumb’s has tried to remain small, employing only about ten people and working on a cycle system, in which the different food products are made on different days.

The day I went was a cracker and pasta day.DSC_0026

The crackers, according to Crumb’s, are more of a unique take on what a cracker really should be. They aren’t the typical micro-perforating saltines you’ll find at your local grocer, but rather they are nutrition-packed, grain-infused, naturally-shaped crackers. And to ultimately produce these crackers, as well as its other products, Crumb’s makes an effort to use local grains.


Cracker dough before pressing and cutting

DSC_0032The pasta sure is colorful! Crumb’s makes three different kinds of pasta, egg noodles, rice noodles, and tofu noodles. I was surprised at their use of tofu, but I later discovered that Athens has an abundance of locally made tofu, so using it is more of a local statement rather than a peculiar experiment.DSC_0034

Recently, Crumb’s has been working to offer gluten-free products in order to appeal to a wider base. Seeing as Crumb’s products can now be found in stores and supermarkets all across the state of Ohio –  Athens, Clintonville, Toledo, and Kent – Crumb’s has a duty to market itself to all possible costumers.

photo (18)Part of what makes Crumb’s different than other bakeries is its commitment to always show the costumer what they’re going to buy. Crumb’s does this by making all of its containers clear in order for the costumer to see what they’re really (16)

Currently, Crumb’s is trying its hand at operating its own storefront with a quiet opening to test the consumers’ interest in shopping directly from them rather than buying their baked goods second hand at the grocery store. There are plans for a grand opening sometime in the next couple months.

So, if you ever find yourself in the Athens area, swing by Crumb’s Bakery on Columbus Road. You won’t be disappointed. Meanwhile, stop in at The Wild Ramp and buy some Crumb’s products there!

Crumbs Bakery

94 Columbus Road, Athens, OH 45701

(740) 592-3803


Sam Smith is s senior at Huntington High School and shadowed Beth Rankin as she visited a number of producers in Athens and other places one day.

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