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Introducing Stephanie

February 7, 2013

On Tuesday we met new Wild Ramp blogger Emily. Today we are happy to introduce another new contributor to our blog! Meet Stephanie. 

Building our driveway. The spring before we moved.

About eight years ago, my parents and my family began a new adventure. That adventure involved moving to the Huntington, WV area.  The goal was to carve out a bit of space for us, some animals, and the gardens in the middle of  the woods.  An adventure it has been with lots of ups and downs, but that is a story for another blog.  I’ve written much of that story on my personal blog,  Adventures in the 100 Acre Woods.

Sticking to the pertinent facts for this introduction, I am a Wild Ramp producer.  Our farm is  Mil-Ton Farms. I am a Wild Ramp board member. I am homeschooling mother of four. Life is very busy, but I am loving it!

The Wild Ramp has been a fantastic resource for our farm. We are a very small farm. We mainly are meat producers. Having a year round spot to sell our products has been an incredible boost to us! We are so thrilled to be a part of this venture!

I am very excited to contribute to The Wild Ramp blog. What can you expect to see me writing about? I’ll share what is  happening at The Wild Ramp including events, classes, products, and new things. I’ll likely give you a peek into the life of producer every now and then. I welcome your feedback, and suggestions!

Until then, back to the farm and the kids!

We are seeking more volunteer contributors to our blog! Please email if you’re interested!

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  1. February 7, 2013 12:38 pm

    When I first became aware of your farm I had the impression it was large. Your marketing portrayed an image of large gardens and animals free ranging over acres and acres. Visiting you made me very aware of how by careful management, a small area can produce lots and lots of food. I look forward to hearing how your farm evolves as you clear more of the wooded area and put more land into crop production. You’re doing a fantastic job as a farmer and your kids are pretty wonderful too!

    • stkappleto permalink*
      February 7, 2013 12:40 pm

      I’m looking forward to that expansion myself. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  2. Laura permalink
    February 7, 2013 4:04 pm

    Congratulations, Emily! I will be looking forward to reading what you share with us. Even though I don’t live close enough to visit the market, I have been excited with what you all are doing and am doing what I can to support your efforts.

  3. Emily J. Click permalink
    February 7, 2013 6:54 pm


    Thank you. I look forward to sharing my visits to The Wild Ramp with you, along with some new recipes. Thank you for your support of The Wild Ramp. Emily

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