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Nature’s Drugstore

February 4, 2013

Long before there was a CVS at the corner, long before Walgreens was coast to coast, people who were sick managed their illness with plants. If they themselves didn’t know how to find the right herbs, they headed to their medicine man. Here at The Wild Ramp, we have an Herbal Sage.DSC_0024

Maureen Burns-Hooker, Founder of The Herbal Sage Tea Company, has spent many years of tasting and testing special blends to share with you.  Grown locally in Ohio on 110 acres in Meigs County, Mo harvests nettle, mint, rosehips and many more varieties. Other ingredients come from afar, such as tumeric.  No essences or flavorings are used; all the taste of each tea is from the plants.DSC_0022

Defining herself as a lifestyle entrepeneur, Maureen has long followed her passion to make her likelihood. After a time as a punk rocker, she took her love of vintage clothes and opened her first store in Cleveland when she was 19-years-old. It grew and she opened another shop.  Her involvement with herbal medicine started in the 1980s, Still living in the city she began an urban garden, but it was after a series of classes with a mentor in Meigs County that she moved to southern Ohio and then to Athens.4tinsherbal

The Herbal Sage offers an amazing variety of teas for your health and enjoyment.


  • Blended Sage Tea   This blended tea was developed to aid in the relief of excessive sweating,                                                                                                       sore throat relief and other traditional uses.
  • Brain Food Tea Feed your head with this tasty herbal tea! Herbal Tea Blend to nourish the mind.
  • Family Health Tea  Great tasting herbal tea. This blend used to be called Tealady’s Cold Care Tea.
  • Calm Your Cough Tea  Soothing relief for an irritated throat. This great tasting tea can be used anytime.We have performers, and singers who keep this healing brew in their possession at all times
  • Essiac Tea  Essiac Tea is a traditional blend used as a detoxifying tea.
  • Organic Nettle Leaf Tea  Many drink this tea as a wonderful , healthful allergy relief tonic!This herb contains a natural histamine and works well for allergies.
  • Rosehips Tea Rosa canina  All Organic Rosehip makes a delightful and refreshing herbal tea. Known for its Vitamin C content as well as possible immune building qualities.
  • Total Detox Tea  A combinations of herbs traditionally used to help purify and cleanse.
  • WomynSpirit Loose leaf tea  Rich in calcium, WomynSpirit is a great tasting organic tea that aids in nourishing and strengthening the reproductive system.



  • Organic Zesty Green Tea  Our best selling Tea blend year round! This organic blend of Sencha Leaf Green tea with Organic Spearmint create a perfectly balanced cup of tea.


  • Scarlet and Grey Tea  LIMITED TIME! Organic Earl Grey blended with organic red roses creates a smooth, delicate tea
  • Exotic Black in Teabags  Exotic Black in Teabags. Organic Black Ceylon Tea with fresh ground cardamom pods, and organic wintergreen herb.

DSC_0021In addition, The Herbal Sage provides a 2 ounce bottle of  Elderberry Extract which will fight the flu naturally!   This amazing effective extract is handcrafted using locally whole ripe American Black Elderberries. The National Institute of Health refers to Elderberry as an aid in fighting against influenza virus, helping to prevent getting the flu and/or shortening the amount of time one has the flu. It is safe for everyone from children to the elderly and tastes good too!

DSC_0018Athens, Ohio


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