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Bacon-YES You Can

January 4, 2013

Just the word “bacon” brings the memory of the smell alive.  Remember waking up on mornings when your mom was frying up bacon? Wasn’t jumping out of bed a bit easier on those days in the run to get to the table?

llustration by Esther Coonfield

llustration by Esther Coonfield

Our enjoyment of bacon has been seized by marketers of alarm clocks that emit the aroma when it is time to get up, to soap and even to lip balm!

In recent years we’ve been told that bacon is not healthy for us for a number of reasons, namely the fat, the salt and the nitrites. It was with pleasure I waded through the article posted in Dr. Mercola’s website explaining the concerns, debunking them where appropriate and recommending bacon from pastured pigs.

For those of you who love wading through nutritional information, go to Save Your Bacon! Sizzling Bits about Nitrites, Dirty Little Secrets about Celery Salt, and Other Aporkalyptic News

Simply, for the rest of us, come into the Wild Ramp Market and enjoy the bacon you can purchase there. The farms that provide that cut of pork all pasture raise their pigs. What that means is that the animals are located within a large fenced area where they have access to grass and bugs and weeds and whatever. They usually receive some amount of feed, especially at this time of year, as supplement. They walk around, wallow in the mud, and come to say hello and be patted when visited.hogsa

The animals are healthy with no added antibiotics, steroids or hormones in their diet. They grow naturally.

And do not be surprised if your bacon does not shrink much……since the meat was not infused with liquid in the processing, it will not lose abundant moisture in the cooking process. Eat. Enjoy. You CAN have bacon in your diet.uncured bacon

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  1. Joyce permalink
    January 5, 2013 1:43 am

    Wouldn’t get my bacon any where else!

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