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Part of the Family

December 26, 2012

Here in West Virginia many families stay close. If kids leave town to attend college, most chose schools that are instate or within 2-3 hours. There is a strong family connection to these mountains and some people have never had the desire to visit anywhere else. Many people have gone off for college or work but returned to raise their families. Not only is the cost of living here more affordable, but in a town this size, you can be connected. You can have a voice in what decisions are made.

For those of us who are transplants, who have come to West Virginia from other birthplaces and other life pathways, we bring with us a mixture of experiences. Some of my first feelings here were of the things I missed, that I could not find. But over the years I’ve been here I have grown to appreciate Huntington.

I believe the thing that made the profound difference in my outlook was getting involved. Once I began to be active in something that interested me and I met other people with the same interest, my circle of friends grew. I started bumping into people I knew around town in other places. (It was just enough to challenge my bad name-face recall function.)

create-huntington-logo-796147The Chat N Chew informal meeting of Create Huntington appears to be taking a bit of a hiatus but I hope it revives in the spring. New people in town come there to connect  and feel part of Huntington. Others come who have a desire for something that doesn’t seem to exist here but need help getting the idea to grow.  Still others come with a firm idea of something they are beginning to blow into life, to see if anyone else wants to be a part of it.

The Wild Ramp concept was shared at Chat N Chew last winter and here we are! I expect that a year from now the Market will be even more amazing than it is now! And it is all because of how YOU saw something you liked and decided to be part of it. The Market belongs to YOU, the volunteers who help it function! And we invite anyone and everyone to become a volunteer and join the family!!  No one should feel left out; there is no “in” group…or if there is, EVERYONE is IN it. The ONLY way to be a part of the family is to show up!

In the next few weeks we will be installing a new freezer and a new cooler, as well as the other projects listed for the Kickstarter Fund Raiser.

Meanwhile, we are open Tuesday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4. We will be closed on New Years Day. So come on in. And get involved in this or something in your community. Make it a positive change in your life; a New Year’s resolution that can return so much to you.

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