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Creative Spirit

December 12, 2012

Some people don’t have it. Some people have it but either don’t know it or don’t trust it. And some people, like Carol Mossburg, have it and enjoy it.

Carol is creative and she says she always was. Her mom told her to make do with what she has and Carol takes that to the nth degree. She sees a gourd growing in her garden and instead of dinner, she thinks “Santa!” santaShe plants cowhorn okra and then her artistic skills help her fashion a face from clay, hair from wool, a hat from a nasturtium leaf with chicken feathers and beauty berries for embellishment. Wisteria pods become arms and lentils are buttons. And then she provides hooks and we have a choice of ornaments!pod people

Carol uses a lot of items that grown naturally to decorate her figures and to make other items. Did you know that rose petals can be used to make beads? Carol does. She explained the process to me and showed me how necklaces, bracelets and yes, rosaries can be made. Rosaries from rose petals!

I learned a new term. Encaustic art uses wax to produce pictures. wax

hatShe cards wool to make felt and produces beautiful bags, scarves and hats. Carol makes goat’s milk soap from Yellow Goat Farms goats. She also makes a felt wrapper for soap that can be used for washing. soapsoapa

Her artistic talent was not always admired. Although praised throughout grade school, her high school art teacher was super critical and yet, Carol always won awards. And so she continues. As she sighs……so many things to do and not enough time. Come see her items at the Wild Ramp Market!

P.S. She bakes too! See if you can catch any of her baked goods..they don’t stay in the shop long!

Spirit of the Wildwood

Lesage. WV


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