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Jumping Thought Hoops

December 11, 2012

I first visited Bethann Earl back in July and wrote about her “Farming in the City” vegetable garden then. Since then she has been using non-chemical practice for her garden and has been bringing her produce into the Wild Ramp all summer and through the fall.

She has been very busy with several projects since then. First of all, her hen house is finished. She has four layers and I wish I had taken a photo of the collection of eggs she had in her refrigerator. One of her hens produced something that could only be graded as an extra EXTRA large, approaching the size of a duck egg! hen coop

The adjacent plot of land has been purchased and clearing is underway. They expect to get a bushhog to get out the stumps and perhaps will build one terrace to help provide a bit easier farming on the sloped hillside. DSC_0007

Bethann has fenced one of the raised beds to provide a secure pen for her hens to clear.  The garden is still producing various greens, bokchoy and tatsoy.DSC_0009

The best project, at least in terms of the production through the winter, was the construction of a high hoop house.  DSC_0008Built with PVC pipe for a fraction of a high tunnel cost, the interior space will enable BethAnn to raise some cooler weather crops throughout the winter. A bed of strawberries in also contained inside and it will be eagerly watched for fruit.

Look for greens and more each week at the Wild Ramp!!

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