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New Ways to Replace Old Favorites

November 20, 2012

Years ago, long before the Internet came into our homes, I went to the public library and took out a book on Top Secret Recipes. In that, the editors had deconstructed their favorite dishes at restaurant chains as well as packaged foods and come up with alternative recipes you could prepare at home. To this day the recipe for Cinnabons is one my family enjoys every Christmas morning.

But one recipe made me realize I had been eating a lot of junk. The “cream” filling in Oreos? In the GOOD recipe (the one without chemicals) the filling is made with shortening. Yup…pure unadulterated fat. Oh, sorry, fat with lots and lots of sugar.  I stopped enjoying Oreos then….

With the news that Hostess is closing some people are bemoaning the future loss of their Ring Dings and Twinkies. I suppose, if you really really love them you could buy several cases now and eat from them for years. They will not get stale.  (And if that statement does not bother you I’d love to talk to you to find out why you shop at the Wild Ramp Market.)

As Steve Ettinger, author of Twinkle Deconstructed wrote When you bite into a Twinkie, you are chewing on an international nexus of suppliers. Most of our processed foods — salad dressing, ice cream, meal-replacement drinks — are processed with foreign additives: essential ones, like B vitamins for fortifying flour and the preservative sorbic acid, as well as Malaysian or Indonesian palm oil products, European wheat gluten, Peruvian colorants, Chadian gums and Swiss niacin, made from Swiss water, Swiss air (nitrogen) and North Atlantic or Middle Eastern oil. It’s a nice contrast to recall that Champagne comes only from Champagne, France.

Processed foods like snacks are full of additives and chemicals. Some people, particularly the ones who chose not to cook from scratch, shrug that off. But consider this when you next proclaim your patriotism: as chemical manufacturers here in the United States have been closing their processing plants here and using overseas factories, particularly in China, for less expensive manufacturing, quality control inspections no longer are part of the process.

Think about your food…the stuff you put into your body to try to keep it healthy. And on Thursday, look at all the wonderful offerings for your enjoyment on the table. Consider their source…made with love, but perhaps not with the awareness that the same tastes can be provided without the extra chemicals.

Cook from scratch. Start with at least two meals a week. Enjoy the better flavor. And better health. If not for yourself, care enough to help your children learn better eating habits.

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  1. November 20, 2012 8:41 pm

    I actually have that book and recently looked up some recipes in it! LOL I thought I was the only one to ever buy one 🙂

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