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Farm Reviews

November 15, 2012

If you are new to the Wild Ramp Market and have not been reading the blog since its inception in the spring, you have missed a lot!

Part of what the blogger does is to visit the farms and other producers who provide food to the Wild Ramp Market and then describe their operation including the farming practices. To read the past blogs, click on the links. This will give you an understanding of the people and the love for what they do.

If you are a Producer and I have not yet visited you, please contact me at

Avalon Farm Slowly But Surely

Killer Bee Man

Cooney Creek Yearning for More

Pauley’s Rowdy Acres The Legacy of Heritage

Laurel Valley Creamery Winning Back the Family Farm

Aimee Figgett Love Fuels the High Energy

Beth Ann Earl Farming in the City

Blatt’s Honey How Sweet It Is!

Andy Denning A Man, His Land and a Plan

The Prize Inside Crackerjack Farm

Fuhrman Orchard Reaping the Harvest

The Potager Helping Build My Winter Garden

Noelle Horsfield Visual Appeal 

Wilson Mill Farm Fishing For More

Spring Creek Phoenix Organics Amazing Tofu

Lucas Farm A New Beginning

The Call Farm

Nichols Farm Balancing Act

Shame on me! I had posted my first visit to Twin Maples on the WVFarm2u blog, as I was not yet writing for the Wild Ramp at that time, but Twin Maples are active producers for the Wild Ramp and you will enjoy reading about them!

Total Menagerie and Food in the Woods


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