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Now We’re Cooking!!!

November 8, 2012

Last weekend I helped prepare a reception for a friend’s piano recital for his master’s degree in Piano Performance. I teased him a week before with an  apple recipe that called for salted caramel on top and he dashed my plans with an “I don’t like salted caramel.” Dusting myself off, I pulled out the Apple Pie Bar recipe (hey! there has to be SOME perk for working on the community cookbook!) and prepared two pans of them.  You CAN eat apple pie with your fingers!

Preparing the cookbook has been an exciting task. First of all, the recipes that everyone submitted were pretty amazing. Secondly, the concept used for presentation makes this cookbook different from other community cookbooks.  I am excited to let you know that the Wild Ramp community cookbook is now “at the printer’s” and we will see it soon in all its glory!!

I thought I would tease you one more time to get your taste buds prepared… are some of the recipe titles

There is something here for everyone…..beginner cook as well as experienced home chef. A few recipes call for as little as 4 ingredients. A couple of other recipes went long…one as long as 3 pages.  There are loads of vegetarian recipes and a  bunch  that are gluten free.  Look for symbols to tell you which season will have the fresh produce the recipe requires.

And some pretty accomplished chefs have given us several recipes!! For example, three breakfast recipes from the owner of a local bed and breakfast inn! (One is perfect for when you have a crowd and don’t want to be in the kitchen working hard early in the morning ) Recipes from some of the best restaurants here in the area and others from other parts of West Virginia, the United States and even a few from overseas!!!

The cookbook will be available soon and you can pre-order yours now!! Email and give your name and how many you want. The price is $20 with Friends of the Market price $15. We will notify you when the cookbook is available for pick up. Mailing will be $5 more. Alternatively, the cookbook will also be available on CD for $12.

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