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The Call Farm

November 5, 2012

Juggling 2 large flocks of laying chickens, a good size herd of hair sheep as well as 150 cattle would be a full day of work, but Zachary Call has to go to school. A sophomore at Cabell Midland High School, Zach has always expected to follow his dad and grandfather farming the family land. His dad is the full time farmer, and has wants his son to continue the farm.

The Call Farm chickens are cage free. They are kept in a large pen with full access to their coop because past free range experience only lead some to see what was on the other side of the road, as well as eating their way through a neighbor’s vegetable garden. They are grain fed with the Rhode Island Reds laying brown eggs and the Leghorns laying white.

A herd of about 50 Dorper and Royal White hair sheep require no sheering. They not only need less care in that aspect, but are hardier and adapted well to the Milton hillside and weather. In addition the ewes are good mothers and raise their lambs well.

Two lambs were born this past week but the rest of the herd will birth in time for the lambs to be old enough to process for Easter. The Calls try to time their lambs for major holidays like Easter and Muslim holidays as well. As the Islamic community in West Virginia has grown, the need for halal processed lamb and mutton has also increased and although he has been asked to allow butchering on the farm, Zach’s dad does not want to do that.  (Nelson’s Meat Processing in Milton has been discussing halal slaughtering but I do not know the status of their progress on that issue.)

The Calls have about 13 acres near their home and another 100 acres nearby where the cattle are kept. They have about 150 head, including the cows, heifers and the bull.

Up until this year the Calls sold their meat on their hoof at a livestock market in Pennsylvania.  They have been pleased at the way the meat processed locally has sold at the Wild Ramp Market, their first retail experience.

Call Farm

John Creek Road, MIlton, WV

304-634-1182 after 3:05 to reach Zachery

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