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So What’s The Plan?

October 17, 2012

When we started 28 days ago the plan for the Kickstarter was defined

  • $300 – for a laminating machine and supplies (for in-store signage).
  • $1600 – for a commercial grade produce scale- legal for trade.
  • $3000 – for a commercial grade refrigeration unit.
  • $1000 – for up-cycled materials to create produce carts. (labor donated)
  • $1000 – for up-cycled materials to create a new checkout counter. (labor donated)
  • $2100 – for The Wild Ramp exterior signage, window signage and cooler signage.
  • $500 – for folding tables of our own.

Early in the month Lowe’s of Barboursville donated the materials for the new checkout counter and the $1000 originally planned to obtain materials were immediately shifted to other concepts: a hand washing station to allow for in-store tastings and a demonstration kitchen.

Being able to offer tastes in the market will help eliminate the hesitation shoppers have to spend money on something they have never experienced. Shop volunteers can enthuse about the taste of something, and that is enough for some people to make the decision to buy, but for many, a sample would convince them. Health codes require that the person offering the tasting have clean hands and a hand washing station does not cost much to produce, but a kitchen?

Anyone who has ever had to buy an appliance for their kitchen at home knows that $1000 will not provide enough funds for what we have in mind. A demonstration kitchen needs, at a minimum, a sink (and plumbing), a cook-top and oven (and electrical) and a counter top as well as some storage for cooking utensils and cookware. A lot more then $1000 will buy.

This demonstration kitchen at Boston Medical Center is an example of a simply designed work space that could fit into the multi-purpose community room.

Cooking demonstrations help people learn to can so they can put up fresh produce in season to enjoy at other times of the year, eliminating the need to purchase canned goods or frozen items whose growing practices are unknown.  Learning to prepare something you have never cooked, like tofu or rabbit or a new kind of squash helps you expand your cooking repertoire and offer more choice to your family’s palate.

So, the plans are great…and you can still help…..2 days left….how high can we go?

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  1. October 18, 2012 4:10 am

    Such great plans!

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