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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

October 12, 2012

The first farm I visited back in March was a cattle ranch and I admitted that I was from the part of New Jersey that was NOT the Garden State. I knew nothing about cattle and I was there to learn. The cattleman and his wife were eager to share what they knew, and I asked a ton of questions. We sat at their kitchen table for an hour before we went out to see the cows and tromp through the mud.

That experience set the tone for all my farm visits. I enjoy learning and even when I visit my 5th or 6th cattle ranch, I ask and ask and ask. There will always be something to learn. And you know what, no one has ever been annoyed  that I seemed so ignorant. They enjoy talking about their passion for their work.

You have a chance this evening to do the same thing with many of the Providers to the Wild Ramp Market. There is a Meet and Greet planned for 5 pm on the patio at  Heritage Station. Located in downtown Huntington at 210 11th Street. If the parking lot if full, go through the Flood Wall and part in Riverside Park across the street.

Farmers will be there to chat about their farms and answer any questions you have. Other people will be there as well. For example, while supplies last, I will be there to share a taste of what one of the chickens sold at the Wild Ramp tastes like. When I did the cost comparison between the Wild Ramp and the local grocery stores back in July the chicken was the one item that was significantly more expensive than the supermarket offering. Come taste why it is worth changing your buying habits.


We have passed the $10,000 mark for the Kickstarter campaign!! Wooo hooooooooo!  6 more days to go and continuing to inch closer! Come on people….we can’t wait for Elvis this time…YOU are the community!!!

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