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Magic Time

October 10, 2012

We get really excited when things come together at The Wild Ramp. Even more, we love sharing it with you so you can know something is coming, something good!

Some of you know I also write the blog for WVFarm2u which covers the whole state of West Virginia. As such, I met Bettye Early of Wilson Mill Tout Farm, located in Monroe County. I asked and she agreed, and The Wild Ramp Market will soon have fresh and smoked trout! Watch for the announcement of its arrival very soon!!

In addition, The Wild Ramp is in discussion with a producer of spaghetti sauce and fresh pasta. These items will be arriving AFTER we get another cooler, which is part of the Kickstarter fund raiser….see how important it is to get those funds?

While we’re on  the subject, a new cooler will increase cool storage space, permitting better viewing of all the yummy Mission Savvy products (and permitting them to deliver more), more eggs, more cheese, more more more of what you want and request.

We need that cooler……and without Kickstarter it will take us quite a while to have the funds to purchase one….so, if you have not yet given, or if you can go in and increase your pledge, please do so.

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