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Cooking Up a Real Treat!

October 9, 2012

Of course people who shop at and support the Wild Ramp Market are foodies! We all love the taste of good food. So the concept of a community cookbook was inevitable.

Having received many many recipes, the production phase is now underway to make it all look nice. One of the editors, Sara Campbell, commented to me about one of the people whose recipe she reviewed:

S is one of my favorite Wild Ramp Foodies….she always has something to share.  She was making this bread the other day with Furhman apples  ~~  she was the only one who responded to “what are you doing with apples today” or whatever I said.  Her directions are clear & concise….

I want a piece, RIGHT NOW!!!

That is a great example to share with you to tell you that this cookbook is going to be very different from the typical cookbook compiled by churches and other groups and the reason is YOU—you are good cooks!

To tease you and whet your appetite here are a few recipe titles:

The cookbook has vegan recipes, gluten free recipes and recipes from foreign cuisines…and ALL have ingredients that can be found at the Wild Ramp!!!!

Stay tuned for more information!


And now, back to our reminder at this time. The Kickstarter campaign is running low on time, but still about $4,000 short….that’s just 40 people at $10 apiece……20 people with $20… know the math, but the point is, have YOU given? You;re reading this…or were until I started with the request talk….you liked the idea about the cookbook…you really enjoy the market…..if we can get our Kickstarter we WILL he making it an even better place to shop! Go to the link right now and make your pledge! Nine days left….

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  1. October 9, 2012 7:18 pm

    And it’s real easy to nudge up the amount if you can afford a little extra…. 😉

    • October 10, 2012 10:36 am

      We’re slowly, ever so slowly, creeping up to the goal. We have so many projects underway that will not be able to be completed when hoped for if the Kickstarter is not funded, so I hope everyone can pitch in to make the mark for us.

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