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Reaching Out with Food

October 8, 2012

Aimee Neely Figgett of Tyler Creek Farm knows how to throw a party. The annual Tyler Creek Farm Locavore Dinner and Workshops was held Saturday, October 6. A free event cosponsored with the Kanawha County Conservation District, the program helps raise awareness about local farming, land conservation, farm market programs and other activities that many urban and suburban dwellers are not aware. 

Aimee explained the plantings and plans for her new high tunnel She already has brought micro greens to the Wild Ramp in Huntington and will continue to do so, along with other drops that will be harvested this winter.

Children and adults got to feed the adult pigs, pet the piglets, admire the goats, and learn a lot.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The kids had a blast with various activities including glycerin soap making, creative coloring on the table coverings prior to dinner, and other activities, including a bit of raucous play on the hay bales.

Twin Maples, Pauley’s Rowdy Acres, and Heart of Phoenix explained the kind of farms they have.~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other groups also had tables and explained their programs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The star of the afternoon, though, was the dinner. Aimee makes a great effort that all the food served will be local. Many people are unaware how well they can eat with just local products.The pork and beef were from Twin Maples, the salad greens and eggplant were from the Wild Ramp Market sources. Pumpkin cupcakes were dessert and everyone enjoyed!!

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  1. October 11, 2012 4:58 pm

    What a wonderful event – a lot of hands involved, for sure, but that’s community, right? And the food, oh my!

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