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Local Economy and How Shopping at the Wild Ramp Is Different

October 5, 2012

Grocery stores like Kroger and WalMart are in business to make a profit. No earth shattering news there. You know that.

What it means, simply, is they buy the products they sell to us at the lowest price possible and then, working through their distribution system and warehouses, transport it to the local stores and then price it so it is attractive to us.  There are several steps to the process and the managers of each step add their cost to the pricing of that product.  In order to sell their crop to the buyer for a large grocery store chain, farmers accept a lower price per item but have a contract that will assure them of a certain amount of income for their growing season. All we see is that we spend a dollar. We never really understand that the farmer only gets 25 cents.

In comparison, the Producers who bring food into the Wild Ramp Market are local. They transport the item themselves, delivering the food to the market generally once a week or more, depending on what it is. They set their own price and after you buy it, they receive 90 cents on the dollar. In other words, the person who works hard to grow the food you buy gets almost every penny you pay for it!

The Wild Ramp keeps 10% of the purchase price to cover overhead, things like rent, utilities and other things that are needed in order to be a business. The Wild Ramp is a non-profit, or as some people prefer, a not-for-profit. That means that any money not needed for meeting expenses is kept in the business and not distributed to the Board of Directors or anyone. All money stays in the operation of the store to enhance the store for you.

Supporting the Wild Ramp because it is a local business goes so much further: you are also supporting the many people who are growing the food you buy as well!


The Kickstarter Project is a way to get a headstart on several of the projects that are planned to improve the way the store looks and the shopping experience you have there as well as programs for the community that would be fun and educational. We are well on our way to meeting the goal set several weeks ago but still are not on target matching time left and pledges needed. The Kickstarter program has a rule that no money is collected if the goal is not met, so you can see why we are bringing this to your attention often now.

You are the heart and soul of the local part of this local store. Thanks for your patronage and support!

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