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Why I helped The Wild Ramp Market’s Kickstarter Project

October 4, 2012
I’m on a tight budget. With the economy the way it is, money just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. It seems counter-intuitive  but that is the reason I decided to give some of my money to the Wild Ramp Market’s Kickstarter Campaign. A non-profit market selling locally grown food is cost-effective for the consumer. I want The Wild Ramp to stick around, because it saves me money and keeps me healthy! -KD

My husband has a huge garden, so we don’t need much of the produce for sale at The Wild Ramp, but I think it is a wonderful , much-needed store for others who don’t have gardens and for the farmers. They do have things for sale that he doesn’t produce, too.  I donated to the Kickstarter campaign because I wanted to help make Huntington an even more interesting (and healthy) place to live.  And, of course, the rewards at each level are great ones!-BM

I am inspired by the people who volunteer their time.  I figure if they can volunteer I can at least help financially.  I am hoping for the best.-DB

When I first moved to Huntington I was pretty disappointed that there were no pick-your-own farms nearby. Then I went to the local market and was also disappointed with the limited time it was available, compared to other places where I had lived. I am thrilled that fresh farm food is available now and we can chose healthy affordable options for our family. Anything I can do to help the Wild Ramp Market get established will be done! – BR

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