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Sharing the Love

October 1, 2012

As we reach out to tell you about all the wonderful things (edible and activity) at the Wild Ramp Market, the word is spreading across the region and even in other parts of the country and across the globe as well!

When you realize that people around the world are watching how Huntington builds the Wild Ramp Market it sort of helps build up our self esteem, I think. Somehow, with a small but growing group of committed people we are building a food market that has the attention of admiration of many many people!

Recipes for the community cookbook are being submitted by people all over the country and even from overseas who have been following the Wild Ramp’s development and want to send in their loved recipes.  Have you submitted your recipe yet? Remember it should be something that uses the kinds of whole foods that are available for purchase at the Wild Ramp. Email to by this Friday please! We are trying to get this published before Christmas and will have information about pre-ordering next week.

The Kickstarter fund raiser  ( is getting more pledges. Perhaps people were waiting for the beginning of the month for their financial situation to ease. However, the funds are not collected now, but at the end of the campaign and only if we meet our goal of $11,500. So please feel comfortable pledging now.

I also wanted to share that we know some people are hesitant about financial arrangements on the internet. While the money part is handled by a division of and is very secure, we very much understand. You can either come into the Wild Ramp and indicate your pledge amount or email with your pledge amount and contact info and someone will get back to you.

Finally, I want to ask you to help us spread the word.  Just today we had several other blogs posted about us, one by Cafe Huntington ( and the other by My 3 Little Birds ( We really appreciate the effort made to tell our story any time, but especially now during the Kickstarter campaign.

When you tell people about the Wild Ramp, you not only share news about the way we offer fresh local food, but you help provide information for healthy food options to people you know. Please copy and forward this post in your email to friends and family to help us grow!

If you have any questions please write comments here or email (you guessed it)

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