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September 18, 2012

“We all know that dreaming is free, but converting fantasies into reality can be pretty expensive and that’s where a new Web site, can help.” NPR

Kickstarter takes a creative concept, helps the organizers specify their immediate goals and develop a plan for the Kickstarter campaign. If the goal is met by YOU helping, then the Kickstarter program completes within the designated time.  But without your help, we will not receive a penny.

The Wild Ramp, learning about this wonderful and successful tool, is initiating its Kickstarter project!  We need you to rally around our concepts to help take The Wild Ramp up a notch.

Folks, you know the market is open — now it’s time to Ramp Up!

We believe in you. We have seen you come into the Market and express your delight time and again that Huntington and the Tri-State area finally has a fresh local farm market. We saw you arrive during the Cash Mob and explore the shelves and bins, coolers and freezers, discovering new and exciting foods for your table.

Click on this link to go to the Kickstarter Campaign page. This will tell you about our goals and then will also detail how you can help.

People who participate win awesome awards!!! Check it out…and then, help us grow!!

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