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What Does It Mean to “Know Your Farmer”

July 17, 2012

Some of us are pretty picky about the person who will cut our hair….after all, we want our appearance to be enhanced and a bad haircut takes a while to grow out.

Typically, the effects of what we eat are often not felt for a while. Sure, you overeat at Thanksgiving, your full belly is not very comfortable, but that passes. Eating too much fried food at the country fair can cause gastric distress, but that also passes in a few hours.

Generally, most people don’t think much about what the food purchased at the supermarket contains nor what illness it can cause in only a few weeks, months or years. After all, there is a basic assumption that if the food item is on the grocery store shelf, it is approved as safe to eat.  People who have made an effort to change from prepackaged foods to preparing meals from scratch may think they are doing what they can to provide healthier foods to their families. And, compared to frozen microwavable dishes, they are. But apparently there is more to understand.

The more I read and research to write this blog and the one for WVFarm2u, the more I become aware of the way most food that is offered at the supermarkets is raised.  It is amazing to learn about the procedures that are approved by various government agencies that control and monitor our food. Many of the conventional farming practices can cause concern about health. You may want to learn more. About a year ago Robyn O’Brien shared her personal story at a TED conference. Her journey started when one of her children had a dangerous allergic reaction to a “typical” breakfast, and unfolded into discovering one reason why the United States may have the highest cancer rate in the world. This experience, almost losing one of her own children, inspired her to become a Real Food evangelist.

The Wild Ramp and other local food sources (farmer markets and CSAs, for example) give each curious consumer the opportunity to understand the farming practices that were used to raise the food you want to purchase and eat. In 2009 The US Department of Agriculture initiated the Know Your Farmer program and encourages consumers to find out where their food is sourced and how it is raised.

We at the Wild Ramp know and encourage you to understand how each participating farm produces their food. We are proud to bring you food that was raised in healthy, sustainable ways.  Know Your Farmer!!

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  1. July 17, 2012 8:27 pm

    Love WVFarm2U and have reblogged them in the past. Keep the real food evangelism coming!

    • July 17, 2012 8:42 pm

      Thanks…but in order to reach more people, we need to go slowly…..there is a thin line between presenting information that wakes people up and scaring them so they figure there is nothing they can do and make no changes.

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