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Internet in the Boonies

July 12, 2012

When I visit farms one side issue that usually comes up is internet service.  Many people consider a connection to the web a needed utility, similar to power and water and yet service in rural areas is pretty limited.  I have heard sighs of frustration over slow speeds and limited functionality.

After I publish a post I spend a bit of time marketing, trying to spread the word. I hope that each of you email interesting blogs out to friends and family also living in the Huntington, WestVirginia tri-state area. By spreading the word about all the good products that the farms grow, the wonderful markets we have and the fantastic restuarnats who serve farm fresh local foods, we will grow the demand and while I am no financial wizard, it makes sense that the local economy would improve!

I have readership outside the state also. It seems that some issues we deal with here are universal. One reader is Karl H. He escaped New Jersey like I did but spent much of his life in Colorado. His wife and he recently moved to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where they have erected a 30-foot diameter yurt. He plans to farm and to have some livestock.  As he settles in, he is using the best technology he can to keep life as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Today he mentioned he had internet capability at home finally.  Instead of DSL, which seems to be the standard in rural areas, he was able to get internet via satellite. I wanted to share what he told me so you can see if it is available in your area.

“Wildblue Satellite internet 888-885-5213, it is 49.99 a month for their 7.5 Gig download/upload limit and they have two higher limits, Exede is their newest system and can get up to 16 Meg of download speed. It is not available in all areas yet though. Our old DSL only got up to 720 k of speed on a good day, it was supposed to be 1.2 meg, but never got there. Took three hours to install because we put it on a pole with cement. it would be quicker to install on an actual house that the dish could be mounted on. The installer was really good and professional.”
Wildblue does not provide service here in West Virginia. It appears that satellite service is available through Dish Network and AT&T. If you are dissatisfied with your current slow internet system and want a connection to the outside that will run faster without tying up your phone line, check into it.
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  1. July 12, 2012 6:39 pm

    Great idea for those areas without cable. 🙂

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