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Piles of Poop

June 27, 2012

This morning’s Charleston Daily Mail had an article about a problem with chicken litter being used as fertilizer and the concern for the spread of infectious avian  pathogens.

Synopsis: Farms in the Eastern Panhandle have had new restrictions imposed as part of an effort to clean up the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  As chicken litter from that area is being used as fertilizer elsewhere, concerns are high in the Lewisburg area where several large turkey producers are located. The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has guidelines for use of that litter no closer than three miles to any poultry breeding facility.

I have visited several farms where the discussion turned to chicken litter. At Mil-Ton Farm one of the girls said cleaning out the chicken coop was her least favorite chore. (We understand fully.) A visit to Avalon Farm shortly after that led to a longer discussion about the chicken tractor benefit and how the daily deposits work into the soil without any waste disposal needed. These farms are dealing with 20-50 birds.

If you have a flock of poultry, how do you deal with the litter?  Please respond as a comment.


One of the goals of the Farm2u Collaborative is to start a discussion forum on the website. This is an early attempt to see if we can generate interest in doing so.

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