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Work Day #2 Completing Demolition

June 10, 2012

The volunteers who came to Work Day #2 at the Wild Ramp had a good time.

Was it work? Oh yeah… question about it. The guys had a blast knocking down walls.


Decisions had to be made.


Sheetrock had to be toted out to the dumpster in the back.

 Screws and nails had to be removed from 2x4s that might be able to be reused or would be donated to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Some of us managed to do part of that one sitting down.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And then several of us went to pick up some donated shelving that was dropped off at a voolunteer’s house for repair and redesign for use.

So I’m not going to say it wasn’t work. It was. But you know, it was also fun. Not riding on a roller coaster kind of fun. Not going to the movies with a buddy kind of fun.

Maybe satisfaction is a better word….a good feeling inside of doing something good and right.  A sense of  community and belonging.  A knowledge that participation in building an asset for Huntington makes it “ours” in a deeper way.

There’s still plenty of opportunity ahead to help get The Wild Ramp up and running. Discussion was overheard that a good shop vac session and perhaps a damp mop is needed to remove all dust before the painting begins so that may be on the work list for the next session.  Stayed tuned on Facebook for details about the Third Work Day — Saturday, June 23 at 10:00am at The Wild Ramp

Oh, one more thing. we are all going to sleep very well tonight.

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