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From Feedbag to Shopping Bag

June 8, 2012

10:00a.m. Friday June 15 there will be a sewing party at Unlimited Futures located at 1650 8th Avenue, Huntington.  Bring your sewing machines or sergers with heavy duty needles and come to spend some time with others sewing reusable shopping totes made from feed bags!!

What to Bring:
We will need a few more sewing machines and/or sergers. The machines will need heavy duty needles.
Thread and bobbins, any color will work.
Snacks and drinks to share.
Clean feed sacks if you have them

Cardboard: We will cut cardboard to fit the bottoms of the bags.

If you sew but can not join in the party,  Jennine Barilla provided the following tutorial on how to construct a shopping tote that can carry purchases.

Large Feed Bags:

  1. First inspect the bag. If it’s in good shape cut it in half. Zigzag stitch the cut ends to keep it from unraveling.  If the bag has holes, use that part of the bag to make handles for other bags.
  2. Fold the fabric so it forms a rectangle about 23 x 20.  To form a strong bottom seam fold the edge over 1” and again 1”. Then sew both edges, see pictures 1-4.
  1.                                                                                                bag tutorial 1
  2. bag tutorial 2

    bag tutorial 3

    bag tutorial 4

    3. To make the square bottom

    Fold the bottom seam to form a triangle

    Measure in 3” and mark bag and sew

    Turn bag right side out and tack down point

    bag with square bottomLast,  the handles

    4. Last, the handles

    Cut two 3” wide strips that are 10 inches long (from the bags that had defects in them).  These will be used for the short handles.

    OR cut one 3” wide 25 inch long strip for a shoulder strap.

    1. Fold in 1 inch from each short end and zigzag stitch that down
    2. Fold the handle in half the long way and stitch together
    3. To attach the handle firmly to the bag, sew each end of the strap in this pattern.

    You will, as you run the machine, go over two opposite sides twice, which will make it very strong.

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  1. June 8, 2012 11:57 am

    I think these are going to be great! Thanks for posting!!!

    • June 8, 2012 12:02 pm

      Not having first hand knowledge of what a feed bag looks like, I was happy for the photos to see basically it is a plastic laminated loose weave fabric. So, the plastic provides strength as well as durability and usefulness when wet. It is a cute and smart gimmick to reuse the bags that the farms in our areas have in such a great way, but if we get short of supply, we could use any heavy sturdy cloth as well, offering the consumer a choice in style. Perhaps we can develop a stamp for the Wild Ramp to put on plain fabric to ID and market it.

  2. Sydney permalink
    June 12, 2012 11:26 am

    Love these! I have feed bags, but they have designs and logos on them from the brand manufacturer. Would those be of use or are you only looking for plain ones?

    • June 12, 2012 11:29 am

      They sound ideal!! There is a community meeting that is scheduled for today, Tuesday, June 12 at 6pm at the market. If you can come, please bring them or bring them to the sewing circle scheduled for Friday at 10am at Unlimited Futures. Or let me know and we can arrange to pick them up! Thanks!!!

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